French trash.

Lauren and I sing a duet of Vampire Weekend’s “Worship You.”

April 5th9 notesReblog

Dancing lemon meringue pie featuring the vocal stylings of Lauren and Sam. 

YOOOOO SNL recap things exciting life ahhh!!!!!!

October 3rd8 notesReblog


The audio isn’t synced w/ the video in parts bUT IT FINISHED UPLOADING so yeah updates + rants about literary analysis and Gatsby.

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I made a video it’s dumb.


Talkin’ ‘bout feels.

July 3rd4 notesReblog

In which the video is really just about my cat.

June 22nd4 notesReblog

A dumb video where I talk a lot but my cat makes a cameo so it’s cool.

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Confetti.  Magic.  Drug deals.

For English class, we were assigned a project where we had to get into groups and write/perform a song about the Declaration of Independence.  Naturally, I couldn’t not do a Lonely Island song.  So I present, to the tune of “Jack Sparrow,” our Declaration of Independence song.

(In this group is [left to right] myself, and my friends Miranda, Moe, and Caylin.  Caylin and Moe are my two best friends that I talk about frequently.  FUN TIMES.  Also, my dance moves are super killer.  I know you wouldn’t even guess this, but none of them were choreographed.)

I’m in the In N Out drive through. So. Hi.